Here’s Why Safe Lifting Is Important

safe lifting at work

In a large number of jobs, workers are expected to lift items that are much heavier than what is typically required in day-to-day life. Not only that, they are required to lift repeatedly at a cracking pace.

It’s no secret that this routine places a worker’s musculoskeletal health at risk. Continuously lifting heavy things – especially with poor technique – can cause significant damage to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs over time. Most commonly, back, shoulder and knee problems emerge and may never fully resolve.

To be sure that risks are minimised and that employees are safe while working, it is essential to train them on the right techniques to use while moving objects at work. By taking into consideration the perils of heavy lifting, you will be able to:

  • Decrease the number of injuries at your workplace
  • Enhance the physical well-being of your employees
  • Reduce nonattendance due to aches, sprains, and strains, etc.
  • Enhance efficiency and overall productivity

All of the above can tangibly impact how the business is run. So, providing training on safe lifting makes plenty of sense.

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The Advantages of an Employee Assistance Program


Life is not a smooth pathway, but a ragged road filled with ups and downs. Significant roadblocks can appear out of nowhere and produce a serious negative impact on personal and professional life. One solution to tackling work-related stress or other types of personal problems is an Employee Assistance Program, also known as EAP.  A program of this type provides employees with real-time, day and night access to professional counsellors via telephone, videoconference, or – if the situation calls for it – in person.

Let’s take a look at why an EAP can be so valuable:

Total Privacy

Your company’s employees will value the fact that they’ll receive the help they need to manage delicate problems in total privacy. The wonderful thing about an EAP is the fact that the employer is generally not aware when employees are using the service. This way, people working at the company don’t have to worry that their outside problems will damage their careers.

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How to Set up Your Office Chair – and Why It Matters

ergonomics work office chair corporate health

Some of the most serious health problems of today’s office life, ranging from newly acquired back pain to aggravated existing conditions, arise from sitting down for extended periods of time. This happens because being immobile causes stress and tension to build up in your back, affecting both the muscles and the spine, the latter being compressed.

When working at the office, most people find themselves sitting down while slouching over their computers for long periods of time. As time goes by, this kind of behaviour harms their back, causing discomfort and back pain, because the spinal ligaments being unnaturally stretched.

Top things to consider when it comes to office chairs

An ergonomic chair is an important object in keeping a healthy posture, but simply acquiring one is not enough. The chair itself is not very effective in preventing and combating back problems and can cause discomfort or even aggravate existing issues if it’s not customised to the user’s body.

The first thing to look at when configuring an office chair is the height of the work surface. This one is often based on the height of the person using it and the type of work he or she is doing. Because the height of the office desk can differ quite a lot, the chair has to be positioned and adjusted appropriately. Otherwise, the chair is not suitable and a different one is needed.

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The Importance of Posture at Work

posture workplace corporate health

Every day, white-collar workers are knowingly or unknowingly facing the challenge of keeping a good posture. Caught between numerous tasks that require a great deal of focus, employees find themselves slouched over their offices for long periods of time. Their unnatural posture is not just an aesthetics matter, but also a health problem, giving birth to back, neck and shoulder pain. Aside from the physical discomfort, hormone levels and breathing are also affected.

The way your body is positioned is known as posture. In most cases, people with jobs that require them to sit down for long periods of time have greater problems with their posture.

If implemented in an effective way, office ergonomics can suppress, or diminish the effects of bad posture. Fortunately, the most important factors related to posture and ergonomics are within our grasp and are not hard to adjust.

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